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About | Zoe Thiessen


Hello and thanks for visiting.  Here’s a bit about me and my music. I grew up in Vancouver and started playing classical violin when I was small. Despite inevitable reluctance to practice, I always loved it.  Violin was my introduction into music, but I think the seeds of wanting to sing and write songs were planted by the sounds of Emmylou Harris, my mom’s favorite singer. Her songs constantly wafted through the house when I was young, her voice so beautiful and mournful.  She was the only real songstress to me back then, and I think she’s the reason I tend to have a country twang now. In my teens, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin blasted down the hallway from my revered oldest brother’s bedroom, so naturally, that’s what I listened to as well. I learned to play guitar and, after a phase of hacking away at ‘Purple Haze’ riffs, I moved on to bluegrass/country guitar and fiddle. I began to go to the local bluegrass club and to bluegrass jams, where I was introduced to Gillian Welch, my new musical icon. Inspired by Welch, and various other artists such as Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan and Feist, I also started writing my own songs. When I moved to Toronto in my twenties for school, I played violin for a couple of years with the jazz/pop group ‘The Jessica Stuart Few’, and began performing my own music in local venues. The songs kept gathering, some influenced by my work as a nurse, others by a residual love of fairy tales and many by the gamut of emotions of everyday life and work. In May 2011 I had the good fortune to record some of these songs in Vancouver with Juno award winning producer Steve Dawson, and some other amazing musicians. I’m excited that my album is now out, and I hope you enjoy it. I’m living back in Vancouver with my husband, looking forward to many musical days ahead.